The best tour in Paris

Paris Vintage Car Tour

Offering custom-tailored tours in Paris, Versailles, and Champagne aboard a vintage 1930s Ford A Roaster, expertly chauffeured by a multilingual tour guide. Paris vintage car tour is the perfect way for couples and solo travelers to experience all the unforgettable sights in Paris, stopping for breathtaking photo-ops along the way.

Bonjour Paris

2 Hour Day Tour

An unforgettable way to explore Paris. An introduction to the rich Parisienne culture, famous landmarks like the Champs-Élysées, and charming neighborhoods.


Includes up to 3 people

Bonsoir Paris

2 Hour Night Tour

The most magical way to experience Paris at night. Tour the city of lights in style as you take in the Parisienne nightlife, twinkling Eiffel Tower, and romantic ambiance.


Includes up to 3 people

Special Events

Celebrations • Soirees • Film • Photoshoots

Elevate your special occasion by booking our 1930s Ford A Roadster for soirees, films, photoshoots, and holiday celebrations. This classic car is the epitome of the Golden Era of Automobiles, capturing the spirit and elegance of the 1930s in its design and performance. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your next event or simply looking for a sophisticated way to get around town, our vintage Ford A Roadster is the perfect way to make a lasting impression.

Regional Tours

2 – 4 Hours

Custom-tailored itineraries, curated with your likes and special interests in mind. Includes up to 3 people. Please note: this tour does not include third-party attraction tickets. Additional fees may apply.

  • Versailles Tour
    Explore the Île-de-France region near Paris, France. Experience the grandeur and opulence of the majestic 17th-century palace, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.
  • Montemarte Tour
    A glimpse into the rich history of this iconic neighborhood. Tour this famous neighborhood, a must-visit destination for anyone interested in art, history, and Parisian culture.
  • Champagne Tour
    The birthplace of the famous sparkling wine that bears its name. Tour the rolling hills and picturesque vineyards where visitors can enjoy a sampling while learning about the history of Champagne production.